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    Clan rules


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    Clan rules

    Post  madmunster-admin on Fri May 28, 2010 9:20 am

    Main clan rules,

    1. YOU CAN NOT BE IN ANOTHER CLAN WHILE IN THIS ONE, You can join clans for penguin hunting, PVP and specific ones that aren't permanent. If you are found in another Permanent clan you will be removed from this one forever. If you decide to quit this clan and join another and then decide to come back to this, if you then decide again to quit you wont be allowed back in.

    2. Don't advertise other clans or say anything Inappropriate in the clan chat.

    3. Do not call people names unless it is and obvious joke and you now that person well.

    4. Join the cc when online (ask me if you need to leave for somthing)

    5. Respect your higher ranks.

    This isn't a rule but, please try to use our clan website and forums to keep up to date with our events ETC, the address is

    More rules might come as the clan grows.


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